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Friday, 05 July 2013 14:55

About phone calls Sergei Dankvert and Veterinary Office of the Chief General of the Hellenic Republic Panayotosom Triandafilu

The talks also attended by representatives of the Embassy of Greece in Russia.

Sergei Dankvert once again informed the Greek side's intention Rosselkhoznadzor introduce temporary restrictions on the importation of products of Greek enterprises in the territory of Russia. The reason for this was the results held in June of this year, the inspection of enterprises in Greece, for the supply of certified products on the territory of the CU from experts of the Customs Union.

Sergei Dankvert also said that an inspection Rosselhoznadzor informed in advance, in connection with which the Greek side had enough time to prepare enterprises for inspection. At the same time, the Head of Service noted that Rosselhoznadzor ready to make concessions or to impose temporary restrictions on 40 companies supplying fish, fish products and seafoods on the territory of the Customs Union. At the same time, products supplied to a number of these companies will be subject to monitoring by Russian specialists.

Russian authorities have indicated that the scheduled July 15, restrictions will be implemented in respect of 27 companies that supply the finished dairy products, 16 companies supplying meat products and ready-7 enterprises engaged in the supply of fish, fish products and seafood. Consideration of the removal of these restrictions is possible only after an additional inspection.

Sergei Dankvert interlocutors focused attention on the fact that the main claim of the work was the use of Greek enterprises in the production of their finished products of oil supplied with non-certified companies on the Russian market, which is a flagrant violation of the existing rules of the Customs Union.

Greek authorities have indicated that the purpose of a fundamental change in the situation in the country began work on bringing to businesses wishing to supply its products to Russia, the requirements of the Customs Union. Also announced the request for a meeting between the two agencies in Moscow for a detailed discussion of these issues.

Source: Rosselkhoznadzor