How may I become certified?


  • You may contact us to give you detailed information regarding the certification of your products. You may download all the necessary forms from our website or we may mail them to you with regular mail, free of charge. You may also contact us to send the forms via e-mail or FAX.
  • After the approval of the application, you co-sign the contract and your operation directly enters a-Cert’s Inspection and Certification System. Shortly after, we shall contact you to appoint  a suitable date for the initial inspection.
  • Our Inspector shall perform a full inspection of your operation, verifying at the same time all the data provided by you in your application. He may also take samples from the farm or handling unit, for residue testing of non-allowed substances.
  • If, during the inspection, a need arises for taking measures in order to ensure the organic production method, then in collaboration with our Inspector, the operation’s responsible person shall determine all necessary corrective actions, in order to be fully compliant to the requirements of Certification.
  • When all the corrective actions are inspected and evaluated, the results shall be communicated to a-Cert S.A.

The Certification Procedure concludes when all the gathered documentation is evaluated.

  • Especially for primary crop production, according to European legislation, in order for a product to be marketed with indications referring to the organic production method, there is a conversion period that has to be respected, depending on the type of the product. Contact us to be informed about the conversion period of your cultivations or livestock.
  • Depending on both the type of production and the inspection result, a-Cert decides upon the issue of a certificate, for the operations’ inspected products.
  • All processed products may be certified  immediately provided the processing operation has been inspected and having the enterprise has proceeded with all corrective actions in order to fully comply with the requirements of Certification.
  • If you are interested in certification of feed, you must follow the procedure as described above.

All necessary forms may be found in the link Application Forms that appears to the left of the webpage.

ATTENTION: In case your operation is currently certified by another approved Organization, contact us to get informed about the procedure required in order to be transferred to a-Cert’s Register. According to the Hellenic Joint Ministerial Decision No 245090, applicable from 10/02/2006, double certification of a company located in Greece, for the same type of activity by two or more Organizations is prohibited.
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