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General Information

GR-BIO-05_en9For the sake of consumer protection and fair competition, throughout the Community and independently of the language used; the terms used to indicate organic products are protected from being used on non-organic products. This protection also applies to the usual derivatives or diminutives of those terms, whether they are used alone or combined.

In order to create clarity for consumers throughout the Community market, the EU-logo is mandatory for all organic pre-packaged food produced within the Community. Not allowed to use it in the labelling of in-conversion products or processed foodstuffs of which less than 95 % of its ingredients of agricultural origin are organic.

The EU-logo does not prevent the simultaneous use of national or private logos under any circumstances.

Moreover, for the sake of avoiding deceptive practices and any possible confusion amongst consumers on the Community or non-Community origin of every product, whenever the EU-logo is used, consumers should be  informed about the place were the agricultural raw materials of which the product is composed have been farmed.

For the purposes of the Regulation (EC) No 834/2007, the following definitions are applied:
  • Labelling: means any terms, words, particulars, trade marks, brand name, pictorial matter or symbol relating to and placed on any packaging, document, notice, label, board, ring or collar accompanying or referring to a product;
  • Advertising: means any representation to the public, by any means other than a label, that is intended or is likely to influence and shape attitude, beliefs and behaviours in order to promote directly or indirectly the sale of organic products;
  • Mark of Conformity: means the assertion of conformity to a particular set of standards or other normative documents in the form of a mark;